End-of-the-year giving opportunities:  Join the Stewards of the OCA now!


In 2013, the “Stewards of the Orthodox Church in America” was initiated.  Since that time, some 300 individuals and parishes have responded positively by joining the Stewards.

“With the end of 2015 just weeks away, we are renewing our invitation to join the Stewards now, in light of the advantages realized through end-of-the-year gifts and donations,” said Raymond Boyd, OCA Stewardship Assistant.  “In the weeks and months ahead, we anticipate increasing the number of Stewards to 500 with the aim of raising $50,000.00 to help ‘expand the Mission’ of the Orthodox Church in America.”

To this end, a redesigned “Become a Steward” page to encourage on-line donations made it’s debut in mid-December.

“The ‘Stewards of the OCA’ aims at continuing and expanding a sense of voluntary stewardship to provide financial support for the Church’s departments and ministries,” said Archpriest John Jillions, OCA Chancellor.  “In recent years, these essential components of Church life had been underfunded, with assessments only providing for the OCA’s administrative needs.  Despite numerous other parish, diocesan, inter-Orthodox, charitable and humanitarian causes that need support, we are confident that those who share the common vision of what the Orthodox Church in America can—and should—do to expand its mission will step forward in the weeks and months ahead to help reach our goal.”

Gifts to the Stewards of the OCA will be earmarked to support the OCA’s Departments—Christian Education, Christian Service and Humanitarian Aid, Evangelization, Institutional and Military Chaplaincies, Liturgical Music and Translations, Pastoral Life and Ministries, and Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministries; Archives and Charities—as well as the Church’s efforts in the areas of Communications, Continuing Education, Diaconal Vocations, External Affairs, and Seminaries and Theological Education.

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