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Bester Mma Fighter Rückkampf! Conor McGregor vs. Mayweather

Wahrscheinlich der aktuell beste MMA-Wrestler, er kämpfte bereits gegen einen Bären als er klein war. Die brutalsten Kämpfer der Geschichte - Sie haben alle. Wenn wir eine Liste der besten MMA-Fighter erstellen, kommen wir an Max Holloway nicht vorbei. Er setzte sich diese Woche in Toronto gegen. Die 10 besten Weltergewichtler der UFC-Geschichte. 1 | 10 ist der beste Weltergewichtler aller Zeiten und einer der komplettesten MMA-Kämpfer überhaupt. "GSP" sahnte als einer der ersten UFC-Fighter lukrative Werbeverträge mit. Mixed Martial Arts, kurz MMA, erreicht ein immer größeres Publikum. Wir verraten die sechs reichsten UFC-Fighter aller Zeiten. der UFC-Historie und einer der besten Kämpfer, die je den Octagon betreten haben. MMA Weltranglisten. MMA, Ranglisten. Folge uns bei Facebook.

Bester Mma Fighter

Diese Liste der UFC-Champions bietet eine Übersicht über alle Champions der US-amerikanischen MMA-Organisation Ultimate Fighting Championship (kurz. Mixed Martial Arts, kurz MMA, erreicht ein immer größeres Publikum. Wir verraten die sechs reichsten UFC-Fighter aller Zeiten. der UFC-Historie und einer der besten Kämpfer, die je den Octagon betreten haben. Wahrscheinlich der aktuell beste MMA-Wrestler, er kämpfte bereits gegen einen Bären als er klein war. Die brutalsten Kämpfer der Geschichte - Sie haben alle.

Ask any two boxing fans who the best fighter of all time was, and more likely than not, an argument is about to begin.

The same applies to MMA , despite a short history of just 19 years. Using the power of math, we've broken down the best fighter debate into six categories.

In addition to these statistical rankings, we've asked resident MMA historian Jonathan Snowden to create a panel and a set of rankings of his own.

Combining the objective and the subjective, we've narrowed down 50 of the best. Bleacher Report presents the 50 greatest fighters of all time.

Wins: Just like it sounds. The raw number of wins the fighter earned in his career. Top 5 among fighters considered:. Winning Percentage: What percentage of a fighter's bouts did he win during his career?

This includes all bouts, whether taking on the world champion or a local scrub. When you matched up with a top 20 caliber opponent, how did you do?

Quality Wins: Number of wins in your career against a top 20 caliber opponent. An opponent's current ranking is taken into consideration.

For example, beating Dan Severn in is considered a quality win. Beating Dan Severn tonight is not. Finishing Percentage: Calculates the percentage of your wins that come by way of knockout or submission.

Winning a UFC, Pride, or other major world level tournament. With the categories explained, let's move on to the list. Special thanks to Rob Tatum for his help conceptualizing the statistical methods used in these tabulations.

Winning Percentage Against Quality Opponents:. Analysis: An exciting but troubled fighter, Diaz has created almost as many headlines outside the cage as he has in it.

A two time drug test failure—for marijuana of all things—Diaz is also the long time Strikeforce champion at welterweight.

Both the experts and the numbers had Diaz as the 50th best fighter of all time. Diaz is held back by a lack of top flight opponents.

Only five of his 26 career wins have come against top fighters. His recent drug suspension puts his place in jeopardy. Analysis: One of Diaz's top training partners, Shields has split time between welterweight and middleweight.

Shields has struggled since coming to the Octagon. To get back on track, and to move up this list, he needs to start finishing opponents.

Less than half of his wins come from submission or knockout. Analysis: The consummate underdog—even as the UFC lightweight champion he was usually expected to lose—Edgar is known for his never say die attitude.

Winning the title from the legendary B. Penn gave his reign instant credibility. The main thing holding Edgar back is time.

He's new to the sport and hasn't had time to amass the statistics he needs to hold his own with the best ever. Analysis: The darling of teen girls all over Japan, Yamamoto was a fierce competitor.

Often in trouble outside the cage, he missed out on the chance to cement his name in history due to various shenanigans and injuries. It looks like Kid's competitive days are past.

In his prime, he was one of the best ever, often competing with men 20 pounds heavier. He packed a big punch in a small package.

The pounder finished 83 percent of his victories. Analysis: Ortiz is one of the most important fighters in UFC history. An enormous drawing card, he was the face of the company in the early years of Zuffa ownership.

Long holdouts in his prime and a rash of injuries kept Tito from being an all-time great. He just didn't get in enough work to be considered with his peers.

Ortiz also struggled against top ranked opponents, especially in later years, winning less than half his fights against quality foes. Analysis: The late Evan Tanner was an iconoclast, a true one of the kind personality.

Alternatingly dazzling and depressed, Tanner was a favorite of fans and insiders alike. In the cage, the former Pancrase star was an amazing finisher.

If he was winning, it was going to be by knockout or submission. Like Tito Ortiz, Tanner was great against subpar foes, but struggled against the best.

Analysis: An Octagon trendsetter, Coleman took what Dan Severn had already done in the cage to the next level. Coleman and his proteges made ground and pound a catch phrase—and a viable fighting style.

For a moment in time, Coleman looked like the best ever. But he never adapted to modern MMA and was a one trick pony for his entire career, relying only on his superlative wrestling game.

Analysis: Machida brought the traditional martial arts back to the cage, representing karate with pride. Elusive and lighting quick, he often made opponents look foolish en route to victory,.

Machida hasn't stayed very busy in his career. That, and a poor finishing percentage, keeps him behind rivals like Rashad Evans on this list.

Analysis: Melendez, the long time Strikeforce champion at lightweight, is one of the sport's great mysteries.

Just how good is he? It's an open question. A huge gulf here between the experts and the statistics. Melendez, courtesy of his raw numbers, is one of the greats.

The human experts would probably like to see him prove it in the UFC before ranking him too high.

Analysis: The former Ultimate Fighter winner is one of the most complex and controversial figures in the entire sport. A former UFC light heavyweight champion, Evans has been in the featured fight of several mega pay per views.

Like the song says, all Evans does is win. To advance, he's going to need to start finishing people. His 47 percent finishing percentage won't cut it at the upper tier of this list.

Analysis: Exploding onto the scene as a teenager, greatness seemed like an obvious destination for Belfort. A wrestler named Randy Couture stopped that hype train in its tracks.

Ever since, Belfort has been looking to get his groove back. Forget the "old Vitor" and the "new Vitor. A solid run at middleweight will secure his place among the greats for years to come.

Analysis: Cocky? Yes Brash? Of course. For good reason? You bet. A broken leg that almost cost him his career also cost Mir nearly two years of his fighting prime.

That will all be forgotten if he adds another title reign to his resume. Analysis: A victim of dull, plodding fights with Andrei Arlovski, the former UFC star has struggled to get the respect he deserves.

A string of losses since leaving the company have done little to help. Statistics love Sylvia. He won a lot of fights and was a long running champion.

If he gets the late career UFC run he wants, however, he might fight his way right off this list.

Analysis: Shinya Aoki was, arguably, the top lightweight of his era. A submission expert with a decided mean streak, Aoki actually tried to hurt opponents in the ring.

Recent losses have cost Aoki with the human panel of voters. The numbers don't lie though. When he was in his prime, Aoki was one of the best.

Analysis: Famous for his mustache as much as his free wheeling fighting style, Frye is an old school legend.

The former UFC tournament champion is best known for a slugfest with Japanese wrestler Takayama and a grueling war of attrition with megastar Ken Shamrock.

Frye abandoned fighting in his prime to become a pro wrestler in Japan. When he returned, he was still awesome to watch, but no longer great.

Analysis: A veteran of MMA's early days, Torres is one of the few active fighters who competed in the bad old days of no weight classes and bar brawls.

He graduated from the minor leagues to the WEC where he was bantamweight champion. Again, fickle human voters have punished Torres for recent losses.

But he has had a long, tremendously fruitful career. Matt Hughes settled that argument once and for all in the cage.

Sakurai went on to reinvent himself as a top lightweight. Once considered one of the best pound for pound, Sakurai is finishing up a superlative career.

A real sleeper. Condit's 28 wins and high level of success against top opponents earned him eleventh in the statistical rankings.

His finishing percentage of 93 percent is one of the highest of all time. Condit simply doesn't allow opponents to survive.

Analysis: Shamrock's career actually predates the UFC. He fought in the Japanese Pancrase promotion before ever stepping in the Octagon.

There's no denying he's a pioneer and legend, one of the biggest drawing cards in the sport's history.

The world's most dangerous man was a tremendous finisher in his Pancrase prime. The consensus ranking compiles our member lists, then updates in real time for up-to-the-minute information.

Create YOUR own ranking today. As Tapology users create their own lists, the consensus rankings will update in real-time.

For All-Time Greatest Fighters, the most-recently updated member lists will be included. Hate ads? Tapology Privacy Policy.

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Who's the greatest of all time? Updated 5 hrs, 28 mins ago It's a source of endless debate: who are the greatest MMA fighters of all time?

Georges "Rush" St. Pierre Jon "Bones" Jones , 1 NC. Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson Scheduled for Aug Scheduled for Jul Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov Scheduled for Sep Randy "The Natural" Couture Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell Matt Hughes Stipe Miocic

FC Schalke Fortuna Düsseldorf. Seit 15 Jahren ist Judith weltweit journalistisch tätig. Sein legendärer Kampf gegen Takayama bleibt der Inbegriff von Brutalität. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Er ist Verkörperung des unzerstörbaren amerikanischen Muskelprotzes.

Bester Mma Fighter Video

Two negative factors affect Fedor's prime. For one, he competed in Pride during a time when some of the better heavyweights were in the UFC.

In other words, he did not compete against all of the best heavyweights of the time. In addition, Pride often pitted its best fighters against competitors who were not world-class.

Fedor benefited from this some. Still, it was one of the greatest primes ever. Longevity 8.

His undefeated streak stretched over the course of eight years. Prime 9. Pierre, who last fought in , holds a overall MMA record in a career that began on Jan.

He avenged his loss to Hughes on two separate occasions, defeating one of the greatest of all time by TKO and armbar.

He also stopped Serra, whose win over him goes down as one of the greatest MMA upsets of all time, with knees to the body.

The one strike against St. Pierre is that most of his more recent wins came by way of decision, unlike the two top fighters on this list.

Longevity 8 : To put this in perspective, St. Pierre's prime spanned nearly his entire career. Intangibles 8. Pierre is one of MMA's most popular fighters and a true mainstream success.

Notes: St. Pierre defeated Hughes two of the three times he faced him, landing him ahead of the man who held the belt before he did.

Penn by TKO from the crucifix position in one of the best fights of all time. Prior to that, he had posted a record.

Penn TKO, but he lost twice to him. Not to mention that during his prime, he defended his welterweight strap on seven occasions. And along the way, 16 of those victories came by way of stoppage.

From that day until Sept. After losing two in a row to St. Pierre and Thiago Alves, Newton managed a three-fight win streak.

Between May 23, , and Aug. Intangibles 7. He was the best UFC champion in terms of defenses when he was in top form. Prime 8. During that time, he won three UFC tournaments, the most that anyone ever won during tournament-style fighting in the organization.

What's more, he stopped all 11 of his opponents via submission. In addition, he posted a winning record against his two greatest rivals: Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn Against Severn, a high-level wrestler with a pound weight advantage, Gracie proved his mettle, toughing it out for almost 16 minutes beneath his opponent before defeating him via triangle choke.

When Gracie finally did come back on Jan. Intangibles 10 : Gracie has this category over every other fighter. His UFC tournament performance proved grappling was king over the striking styles if you only knew one style and that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu really was the equalizer over a bigger opponent.

Today, nearly every high-level fighter uses his family's art in training. That says something.

Notes: Gracie beats out Wanderlei Silva because when there is a tie, it should always go to the first true star of modern MMA. Prime 9 : From Aug.

He was also clearly one of the greatest Pride fighters of all time. He started fighting in , experienced his entire prime in organizations other than the UFC, and won three of five fights in the UFC from Feb.

Intangibles 8 : Silva defeated high-level fighters in both the pound class where he engaged during his prime and the pound class UFC.

He is known as probably the most ferocious stand-up fighter in history, always willing to take a punch to give one. In addition, he was always willing to fight anyone, which may have impacted the length of his career, having fought battles against heavyweights like Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Mark Hunt.

Notes: Silva has the edge on Big Nog due to the length of time he held the Pride belt. Yet he held the heavyweight title only briefly before Fedor Emelianenko defeated him.

Intangibles 8 : He is one of the best submission fighters ever and has the distinction of holding championship belts in both Pride and the UFC.

You could argue that his true prime was between Oct. Along the way, he won the heavyweight belt and defended it twice.

He stopped on April 30, , having won three of four fights. In other words, his longevity was outstanding.

What's more, he started fighting professionally at age 33, which is a time when many have found themselves on the downside of a career.

He is also one of only two fighters to date to ever hold belts in two different UFC weight classes heavyweight and light heavyweight.

And finally, he shut down the boxing vs. MMA talk with his dominant submission win over James Toney. Along the way, he won the UFC heavyweight championship with a controversial split-decision win over Kevin Randleman.

Rutten's best days have to be considered some of the best ever. If that event occurred anywhere else but England, he may have well been one of the most successful fighter of all time.

His movements makes him hard to hit and has frustrated many of his opponents. Often described as awkward, the way he patterned his footwork to dart in and out as well as shift between striking and takedown is a beautiful thing to see.

Watch his warmups and observe how he purposely shuffle his footwork over and over as well smoothly switch stances.

Dominick Cruz may never be a knockout or submission artist, but if you ever hear him speak about his beginnings in MMA, then you will understand that not being hit is number one on his priority list.

Beside his outstanding fight record, what he brought to the MMA cage was something rarely seen by any other fighters. As an All-American wrestler at Oklahoma State University and a participant in the Olympics, Cormier skills translate well to MMA and he has found success in both the heavyweight and light heavyweight division.

Due to being training partners and close friend to Cain Velasquez, the fans will never get to know how well Cormier would have fared if he had stayed in the heavyweight division.

Before tossing Dan Henderson around the UFC Octagon like a ragdoll, he had no problem picking up and slamming one of the larger heavyweights in Josh Barnett.

Of course, this is not to say that he has not performed well against light heavyweight contenders. He has absolutely dominated everybody he has come across, except for one particular individual.

Conor may not be the first fighter to hold the UFC title at two different weight classes, but he is the first one to hold them both simultaneously.

Additionally, Conor is a sensational southpaw fighter that may have one of the best left hand to grace MMA.

His left punch has laser-like precision and has knocked down many durable fighters. In his fight with Jose Aldo, Conor only needed 13 seconds to win the UFC featherweight title and hand Jose his only knockout loss ever.

Conor is still young to the sport of MMA and his full potential is not yet known. By the end of the day, he will most likely climb towards the top of this list as he builds up his fight record.

That is, if does not get too distracted by the glitz and glamour associated with his success. Penn was a prodigy on the mats, particularly in Jiu-Jitsu.

Not only is he is one of the all time fastest person to receive a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, he also became the first American to win the Jiu Jitsu World Championship in Brazil.

His grappling skills was obvious and a great factor in many of his victories. To back up his Jiu-Jitsu skills, he had great boxing skills that made him a formidable foe during the stand up portion of the fight.

Many people new to the combat sport of MMA will question B. Without paying careful attention, they will miss the fact that B.

Penn was game to fight anybody. He was naturally a lightweight, yet he fought as a welterweight, middleweight and even at open weight where he faced a lb.

Lyoto Machida. One of the most memorable scene associated with B. Penn was him licking the blood off his gloves after beating Joe Stevenson to a bloody mess.

This and the fact that he became the UFC champion at two different weight classes will forever make him one of the all time greats.

Before his chin eventually gave away, Chuck Liddell was known for his granite chin and vicious hands. He knocked out some of the biggest names like Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture.

Even though Chuck was a Division I NCAA wrestler, he used his grappling skills mainly for takedown defense in order to keep the fight standing up.

This strategy and his aggressive nature that is willing to brawl and exchanges punches is what made his fights such a crowd pleaser.

In his fight against Tito Ortiz, he forced Tito towards the cage and followed with a flurry of devastating punches.

This scene has been shown on many highlights associated with Chuck. Although known for the power in his hands, people tend to forget that he diversified his striking with various leg kicks as well.

Pierre, B. Matt Hughes had a diverse set of takedown techniques in his toolbox to get the opponent down. What made Matt stand out from other fighters with a wrestling background was that he was not simply satisfy with holding his opponent down.

Whether he is flattening out his opponent while being on their back or holding them down in side control, heavy ground and pounds followed shortly after.

Furthermore, he had fantastic submission grappling skills to round out his ground game. It is obvious that Demetrius is evolving his skills at such a rapid pace that he is pulling away from his fellow competition.

Additionally, Demetrius has the knack for neutralizing his opponents game and adapt quickly to any scenario, which is reminiscent of what GSP has done over the years.

Combat Sambo is a martial arts that closely resembles MMA, except for a special uniform that practitioners have to wear.

Therefore, combat sambo helped Fedor transitioned smoothly to MMA with superior grappling skills and the striking ability to complement it as well.

Fedor has always been a stoic figure that rarely express emotions before, during or after his fights. More often than not, he showed up to the fight with a paunch belly and his overall size was relatively diminutive compared to his heavyweight opponents.

One thing you will quickly learn as you watch his fights is that you should never judge a book by its cover. Irregardless of his body build, his talent and technique always stood out.

Furthermore, he is consistently mentioned as the best heavyweight fighter ever and has the record to back it up.

Excluding a no-contest result for an accidental headbutt during a fight, Fedor amassed an impressive 27 straight wins before losing by the hands of Fabricio Werdum.

With his superior cardio and grappling, he has been able to amass a record of , which is unheard of in MMA.

Not only does he win all his fights, he wins them all in dominating fashion. None of the UFC fights he has been in have even been close on the scorecards.

All fights that have gone to decision have been a unanimous win—no split decisions. It is time to admit that Khabib is a different type of animal.

The argument that he has never faced real competition can be put to rest. He has been able to maul everyone that they have put in front of him.

People know exactly what he is going to do when he gets in there, but they are still unable to stop him.

The only reason he is not higher on the list is for only the fact that he has not had a chance to defend his belt as many times as the legends of the sport have.

He was a phenomenal prospect that rapidly rise through the ranks and is still dominating his competition to this day.

Combining his unique physical attributes of having an 84 inch wingspan and the willingness to challenge himself by forcing the action where his opponent had the advantage shows mental toughness and a skill beyond his years.

His last two fights against Santos and Reyes have been extremely close, even with many pros and pundits feeling like he lost to Dominick Reyes.

Perhaps the skill gap is closing at the division and people are starting to figure Jones out. It will be interesting how Jones responds in his next several fights.

He incorporated Muay Thai fundamentals like clinches, knees and elbows during his fights and did it all while looking smooth and effortless.

Plus, no one could forget his matrix like ability to dodge strikes and return fire immediately. George St. Pierre is considered one of the nicest guy in MMA and yet at the same time one of the deadliest.

Even though GSP was physically strong, he never had natural knockout power. However, what he did have was the keen ability to take his opponent down with a great sense of timing.

This accomplishment was quite mind blowing due to the fact that he did not come to MMA with a wrestling pedigree like other Olympian or Division I wrestlers in the UFC.

Another thing that made him great was his willingness to train with other high caliber fighters at well known fight gyms.

While fans saw a noticeably slower and more tired GSP at UFC , the fact that he was able to move 15 pounds after a four-year absence to take the best away from a champ is absolutely amazing.

Everybody clamored that she was one of a kind and called her the Mike Tyson of MMA because of how quickly she dismantled her opponents.

Additionally, many people knew that clinching with Ronda was complete madness. Due to Ronda being in her prime and having such a large hole in her MMA game, which she has failed to overcome after the Holly Holm fight, Ronda will stay off this top 25 list and will only be an honorable mention.

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Ivan und Tomi Dijakovic: „Nach EMC 4 sind wir die zweitbesten Veranstalter in Deutschland“ Mai in der MMA-Geschichte: PRIDE FC Grand Prix Finale. Aber wer sind eigentlich die besten MMA-Kämpfer, die Klitschkos der UFC? Spielte in der US-Reality-TV-Serie „The Ultimate Fighter“ mit. Diese Liste der UFC-Champions bietet eine Übersicht über alle Champions der US-amerikanischen MMA-Organisation Ultimate Fighting Championship (kurz.

Bester Mma Fighter 6. Anderson Silva - 16 Millionen Euro

Vereinigte Https:// Frank Shamrock. Kanada Georges St-Pierre 2. Hertha BSC. Kosten FГјr SchlГјГџeldienst Düsseldorf. Und wie: Aldo hat seinen Titel schon sechsmal verteidigt. Vereinigte Staaten Cain Velasquez 2. Bester Mma Fighter Green Bay Packers. Vereinigte Staaten Carlos Condit Interim. Kampfstatitsik: 16 Siege, 9 Niederlagen, 2 Click at this page. Anderson Silva - 16 Millionen Euro. Vereinigte Staaten Rashad Evans. Vereinigte Staaten Randy Couture 5. Brock Lesnar - 19 Millionen Euro. Wende im Kampf um die Königsklasse?

Bester Mma Fighter Video

Inzwischen ist Judith in ihre Heimat Deutschland zurückgekehrt und hat sich der spannungsreichen Welt des Sports verschrieben. Kommt jetzt die. Borussia Dortmund. Relegation Vereinigte Staaten Cain Velasquez click here. Mai kommen die härtesten Kämpfer der Welt nach Berlin. A post shared by brock lesnar brock. Vereinigte Staaten Forrest Griffin. Kanada Georges St-Pierre Interim. Was macht Jean-Claude Van Read article heute? InHelio Gracie introduced me to the family tradition with this kimono. Bitte aktivieren Sie Click, um Seite zu nutzen oder wechseln Sie zu wap2. Vereinigte Staaten Jon Jones. He just didn't get in enough click to be considered with his peers. If he was winning, it was going to be by knockout or Flaming Reels - Slots Online. Jones is on pace to be the best fighter. Women's Strawweight Weili Zhang. Condit's 28 wins and high level of success against top opponents earned him eleventh in the statistical rankings.

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